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The Revolutionary War
Walking History Book

Although often overlooked in history books, Charleston's role in the independence movement was no less important than that of Philadelphia, New York and Boston. Four of the signers of the Declaration of Independence and four of the men who signed the U.S. Constitution called the Lowcountry their home. The city had its own Tea Party, and the first decisive victory by the American Patriots over the British Navy took place in Charleston.

You will also discover interesting details about everyday life in this period - such as the legal requirement for all citizens to attend church on Sunday and the prohibition of a smallpox vaccine. Learn about the colonial era in Charleston through this unique format which can be enjoyed by readers who wish to tour the city on foot or by those who prefer to simply read about it from home. Learn the story of the Revolutionary War in Charleston through a book that makes history come alive.

Paperback $10.95

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